Cristiano is my angel
soy guapa, soy lista, soy madridista

The saga of confused Spaniards continues…

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Cristiano Ronaldo winner of the 2013/14 UEFA best player in Europe award.

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Xabi Alonso at Real Madrid:


Xabi Alonso at Bayern Munich:


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"Fun time with my kid last night." - @Cristiano

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IKER, CRIS and OTHERS - Real Madrid Life  Cristiano Ronaldo, UEFA s Best Player in Europe

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"I’m really happy so I must say thanks to my team-mates because without the team, individual awards would not be possible." - Ronaldo about winning UEFA Best Player in Europe

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  • Cris: Like this, James
  • James: Like that?
  • Cris: No, this-
  • James: But I’d like…
  • Cris: Okay whatever

  • Cris: Gareth, this.
  • Gareth: Got it.
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Marcelo pranked by Modric and Cristiano Ronaldo in Real Madrid training

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A tus pies fidelito!!!”

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BABY's dancing - 2014 UEFA Supercopa - Real vs. Sevilla - 12/08/14

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